What Have I Been Up To?

Hi guys and gals. A few notes here:

  1. Charity Auction Results
  2. Drawings
  3. Forthcoming books


A few weeks ago, my friend Lisa Mangum (the chief poo-bah editrix over at Shadow Mountain) invited me to chip in for a charity auction on her brother’s behalf. I say “invited” instead of “asked to” because while I now have to provide some free swag to the winners, participating was really a privilege. Tons of other writers, agents, and editors contributed, and the winners raised over five grand for the family.

If it’s true that Mormons “take care of their own,” it’s especially true of the LDS writing community out here in the Mountain West. Most of us believe in rugged individualism, but we also believe in giving someone a hand when their boat is sinking.

It’s really cool that Charity Auctions Today put together a great website, and that Lisa reached out to so many of us. I personally could not have afforded to donate $200, but the items I put in ended up selling for that amount, which still surprises me.

Hats off to the bidders and contributors. What a great two weeks that was. I love you all!


One of the auction items I put up was a 24×18 commissioned piece, and I’ve been going over the details with the winner. It’ll be a unique piece, as well as a challenging one, and I want to do it really well. It’s meant to be a birthday gift for an octogenarian.

I’ve also been commissioned to do a Star Wars family portrait, which I’ll have to do right after the aforementioned piece is done. I expect each one will take about two weeks, given how life has gone lately.

After that I have a third commission on deck, but it’s small. And somewhere in there, I have a piece of digital art to render. Also small, but time-consuming nonetheless. If you follow me on Instagram (@grahamberad), I posted some work-in-progress shots of a comic I was drawing, and that will get finished soon, I just don’t know when.


My next releases! Currently I have one book out on submission to agents. It has been rejected 11 times. I’m aiming for 100 submissions. If I get 100 rejections…I’ll buy myself something really cool, I guess.

I’ve finished a draft of a sci-fi novella, and I have set it aside to write a fantasy novella, which was part of the charity auction: the winner purchased naming rights to a side character, and I’m trying to do justice to the whole concept. Both of these novellas should be out by January of next year.

And that’s about it, really. It’s nice to be busy, and nicer to have fans. Thanks to those of you who read this, who have read my books, and who have supported my work. Thank you!

Now get back to it.

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