Trucker Man Reads Girly Books: UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN by Renee Collins

TMRGB is a blog series wherein I, a HazMat trucker and blast crew grunt, recommend effeminate fiction to the masses.

Generations ago, when America was in the throes of the Great Depression, the federal government tried to spur the economy on by paying for public works projects. One of them was the structure we know today as Hoover Dam.

It’s a monument of triumphant engineering and unbridled masculine labor from an era when safety regulations were for sissies, now get back in that mineshaft with the diesel fumes and MAKE QUOTA.
Nowadays we have stuff like OSHA to keep that from happening, but man is still finding ways to beat nature into submission near my hometown. I give you the I-11 Bypass, a highway designed to alleviate traffic around Boulder City, NV and Hoover Dam.

If you’ve ever been down there, you’re probably scratching your head and saying, “But Trucker Man, you already have highways on all the flat ground by the dam.”
I know! That’s why we punched a hole through a mountain nearby. 
I was fortunate enough to be a part of this venture, not only delivering equipment and fuel, but blasting sections of the roadway as well. 

And on one particular day, there was a shot on a hill that was so steep and inaccessible, my truck couldn’t climb it. I had to chain my rig to the back of a bulldozer so he could drag me up to work.
Facial hair. Red meat. Screaming eagles overhead.

But while I waited for the bulldozer, I read a book, and that book was UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN by Renee Collins. 
What’s it about, you ask? Well there’s this chick, forced to endure a brutal summer of hardship in the labor mines of North Korea…wait nope, she’s on a summer vacation in a rich neighborhood on the Massachusetts coast, my bad. 

Um, yeah, okay so she is having a tough time, family issues and what, when she accidentally discovers that her beach (right? The beach belonging to her house, that’s so sick) is a time portal to the 1920s, and she meets a Hot Guy there, but he’s stuck in the past, and they only have that summer before the time portal closes, so you’d better believe they’re gonna make out. (Which is really why we read these books anyway.)
Oh also she has to help him solve his own pending murder, which she learns about at the local library.
I didn’t finish the book that day, but I did finish it a few days later in the cab of an explosives truck, waiting out an intense rainstorm so we could finish blowing up a mountain. It’s a summertime book and it made me happy on a day of bad weather, which many of my fellow Americans are currently enjoying.
So pick up a copy. I’ve got to get back to work, we’re about to set off a shot near a neighborhood full of rich golfers, this is gonna be fun.

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