The Best Superhero Flicks

 Draft Day: Jonathan Kent (Costner) has to juggle numerous trials as the GM of the Cleveland Browns. His star QB Superman (Welling) is coming off an injury, his girlfriend Elektra (Garner) is pregnant, and the team’s owner wants him to draft someone other than Black Panther (Boseman.)


Real Steel: When Wolverine (Jackman) learns he has a son, he tries to get his life in order with the help of Wasp (Lilly) and Falcon (Mackie). The Blob (Durand) might prove troublesome, though.

Stardust: In order to impress Superman’s (Cavill) girlfriend, Daredevil (Cox) teams up with Sinestro (Strong) to thwart Catwoman (Pfeiffer).

Les Mis: After finally getting out on parole, Wolverine (Jackman) tries to keep his nose clean even though Jor-El (Crowe) is constantly breathing down his neck. He ends up taking care of Catwoman’s (Hathaway) daughter for the rest of his life.

The Prestige: After the death of his wife, Wolverine (Jackman) teams up with Alfred (Caine) and Black Widow (Johansson) to get revenge on Batman (Bale). Despite killing Batman, Wolverine is still beaten by Batman, because he’s Batman. Guest appearance by Klaw (Serkis).

Passengers: Star-Lord (Pratt) and Mystique (Lawrence) get it on. In space.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: LEGO Robin (Cera) must defeat such heavy hitters as Captain America (Evans) and Superman (Routh) in order to impress the girl of his dreams, while memories of his ex-girlfriend Captain Marvel (Larson) haunt his present.

The Martian: A botanist gets ditched on Mars, so Baron Mordo (Ejiofor) and Wong (Wong) force Winter Soldier (Stan) and the Invisible Woman (Mara) to turn the spaceship around and get him. Also stars Luis (Peña), aka Ant-Man’s prison buddy. 

Jurassic World: Star-Lord (Pratt) and Bishop (Sy) give in to Kingpin’s (D’Onofrio) plan to use raptors in the military. Also stars the annoying kid from Iron Man 3.

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