Wednesdays and the Work-in-Progress: 4/12/2017

Hey gang! This week’s update is twofold: I decided to take a break from THE KORBADELL JOB (“Blast crew goes to Mordor”) so I could get my bearings. I was just too bogged down in it, I couldn’t make any headway without looking back and knowing I would have to delete or change 80% of the night’s work, every night that I worked on it.
One thing that helped was reading DRAGONWATCH by Brandon Mull. He’s a champion of middle grade and writing. I realized most of his writing is dialogue, not narration or blocking, and that’s what makes it read so well. I want that same flow for TKJ so it was good that I reset my head at this stage.
The other part of this week’s update is something I mentioned on Facebook, namely that I launched a Kickstarter for a paranormal superhero romance, THE HERO NEXT DOOR. My wife helped me make a video to explain it.
Thank you to those who have backed it so far! We’re almost halfway there and it’s only a few hours old! That doesn’t mean I won’t still be nervous until it actually funds (the goal is low, just $550). It’s my first venture into crowdsourcing so I want it to do well. We shall see.
That’s it for this week. Y’all take care.

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