Wednesdays and the Work-in-Progress: 4/19/17

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In all of the excitement about THE HERO NEXT DOOR, don’t think I have forgotten about THE KORBADELL JOB. Both of these books are happening, but I want to clarify something for the Kickstarter backers:
THE HERO NEXT DOOR takes priority for the next few months until you all get what you paid for. Even if the project wrapped in five minutes, I would have a lot of art to draw, plus I would need to format things and implement Editrix Lestrange’s notes. There is much to be done and I won’t rush any of it.
As of now there are 22 days left for the Kickstarter. In those 22 days, I will finish draft 1 of THE KORBADELL JOB, a middle grade fantasy about a blast crew that is hired to sneak into enemy territory and blow up their fortress. Twists and magic abound!
Both of these books are dear to me, for different reasons. But now that HND has legs–and people with their sweet sweet frogbacks invested in it–it is my mandate to make sure it gets taken care of first.
I would like to make serious headway on one of these projects before I move in July. I might even be able to do both if I pace myself. Just know that if you are a Kickstarter backer, I will take care of you first.
That’s all. Happy reading!

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