Should-Reads: WOVEN, by David Powers King and Michael Jensen

I had never read a too-detailed summary of this book before I jumped into it, and I’m beyond glad that I experienced it that way. Back in 2005, I sat down to watch Batman Begins without ever seeing a trailer, so when the Tumbler came out and started jumping rooftops, my head exploded. WOVEN can have the same effect, if you let it, and you should.
What makes it unique, aside from the left-field plot twist on page 57, is the magic system: it’s based on sewing. Threads, stitches, dyes, textiles…you could tell these two authors knew their way around a seam ripper. The magic is used to delightful effect.
Premise: A standard issue fantasy adventure where a dude has to rescue a princess to win her love…yeeeeeah that’s totally not all that happens 🙂
Setting: A fantasy kingdom with an Earth-analog technology set, and a nobility/peasantry class dynamic.
Genre: YA Fantasy!
Lesson: Don’t be a jerk. (Which is a pretty meta lesson with this particular book.)
My favorite character: Nels, the MC. He might have been your common fare Peasant Hero, but the dude knew how to step on the princess’ nerves.
Give it a shot.

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