Should-reads: The Accidental Highwayman, by Ben Tripp

Premise: Kit Bristol is a live-in assistant to a rich guy in the 19th Century. When circumstances force Kit to assume his dead master’s mask as costume, he finds himself chased by the King’s men, fairies, and a number of other questionable figures.
Setting: England, sometime in the 1800s.
Genre: Fantasy adventure
Lesson: Be fearless!
My favorite character: Kit Bristol does his job as a protagonist, but he doesn’t carry the show on his own–he’s got a great supporting cast along the way.
Of note: While it doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, it’s very open at the finish, as it was intended to be a trilogy, but the subsequent volumes have not since been released. I have not been able to learn why. 😦 Nevertheless, it’s a grand adventure worth the time.

Author: grahambradley

Writer, illustrator, reader, truck driver.

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