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Time, you guys. The one thing we can never get back. We’re always getting more of it (until we aren’t) and we’re always running out of it.

The new position at work is superior to that last one in all measurable areas, outside of the time I spend listening to books. I have to be a lot more involved in my work now and when I have another driver with me in the rig I try to just talk instead of goofing around on the phone.

So my reading has dropped off heavily this month. I’ve also got a commission I’m working on for a client, and I’m remaking the cover for SLEEPLESS HOLLOW. I haven’t finished the writing on WITH ANSWERABLE COURAGE and I may have to punt that to October, because I need to get the first Adventure Hour show all recorded.

I’m about due for another bout of Shiny New Idea syndrome as well. All this coupled with the fact that I have to get enough sleep in order to be effective at my job, and I want to spend time with my kids when I get home in the afternoons…time management has become huge.

I can handle the current workload I’ve put on myself, it just gets complicated when I try to do more than I’m doing at the moment. Which I always want to do.

My co-worker sleeps about 4 hours a night. He just turned 30 though, so he’s gonna learn real quick that the bill comes due for that. I used to do the same thing when I was 31, and it not only messed with my memory, it buggered up my sense of reality a few times. Sleep dep is no joke.

So I just have to…figure out the right balance. Keep grinding. Set aside anything that doesn’t get me closer to my actual goal.

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Love you guys, have a good week, and get to work! But not today, it’s the Sabbath.

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