Swing until you hit something

Last spring I told my oldest son that if he cleaned up his penmanship, I’d let him write a picture book with me. He came up with the concept and the characters, I helped with the dialog, and now I’m working on the art.

His penmanship is still “elementary school” level so that’s in progress, but as I carve out the designs for his characters I hope it helps him get more excited to work.

Anyway, I’m keeping the details of the story and characters under wraps, here’s what I’ve got so far. The mammoth was pretty easy, but I had to keep scratching at that stupid dragon until I got something that didn’t look like garbage. It was the head. I must have drawn so many styles of head for it until it clicked. Just gotta keep swinging.

Now that that’s done, I can practice different facial expressions. After that, digitizing will be quick and crisp.

That’s all. Get back to work.

Author: grahambradley

Writer, illustrator, reader, truck driver.

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