Wow, I actually miss Netflix for once.

I canceled Netflix in January 2019 and never looked back. Closest I ever came to missing it was when S3 of Cobra Kai moved to that platform. I’m just not comfortable funding their overt pedophilia and sexual subversion, so I can’t bring myself to slang dollars at them.

When I heard they were doing a superhero series, I shrugged because meh, who cares? Everyone’s got one these days, they’re all vanilla at this point. (And thanks to the CW, they’re even becoming the kind of dreck that killed them in the 90s).

Then Jupiter’s Legacy dropped, and all the YT channels were talking about it, so I checked out vol 1 from my local library, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Jupiter's Legacy, Vol. 1 by Mark Millar

I remember thinking more than once that this didn’t feel like the kind of story you were allowed to tell any more in America. A story about country, family, legacy, and people who strive to do the right thing despite all the odds.

There’s nothing happy-g0-lucky about it either, as the hero team fails over and over. They used to be on top of their game, but their legacy is failing, they can’t control everything, and their families are suffering the most. All that’s just the beginning.

Vol 1 was awesome. Not a ton of language, one scene of sensuality, and a fair bit of violence at the highest emotional scenes. The story and characters were incredibly strong though, and I am really stoked to dig in to the rest of the series.

Still not gonna sub to Netflix again though.

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