Hoc quoque transibit (This Too Shall Pass)

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I started trucking in 2013. One of the worst days I had that year was in May, when I got stuck in the dirt in California, just over the border from Arizona. Can’t remember the town, I think it was Blythe.

The guy who loaded me told me to drive into the field, but I got stuck in soft soil and ended up needing a tow. He also rammed into the back of my trailer with his forklift, damaging the doors so I couldn’t close them properly. Then when I went to refuel the truck in Ehrenburg, I spilled diesel all over my good gym shorts.

I’ve definitely had worse days in trucking, but that one was still pretty bad. Nevertheless, I set it aside and did what had to be done in order to finish the job, because that was the only way to get away from all the BS that happened to me. Sometimes that’s all there is to it.

Humans are emotional creatures. That can be a delight, and it can also be a hindrance. You’ve got to know when to just…be a computer and not care, because you can’t feel better until you’re away from what’s making you feel worse.

Simple and plain, yet we lose sight of that. Because we’re emotional.

Get back to work.

Author: grahambradley

Writer, illustrator, reader, truck driver.

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