It’s time for the superhero genre to take itself seriously in literature.

There’s a reason why Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best superhero movie: it stays close to the ground, it’s got a realistic story, and the superhero elements are basically window dressings to make it a little sexier.

This movie is basically a spy thriller that has the trappings of the MCU in it. The characters are excellent and the actors play it straight.

With mainstream comic book sales dying and the MCU committing suicide at the corporate level, the time is ripe for good superhero novels to fill the vacuum.

I’m still trying to find them. Tough search. Which I guess I why I have to write them.

I’m listening to this one, and it’s fine, but hot damn is the plot stale, the twists predictable, the characters way too damn cliche. There is nothing here you haven’t seen before–and there’s a nice pseudo-Latino villain in cockroach-themed power armor (La Cucracha!) to boot.

Give us better superhero stories.

The way to do this is by doing a better story *period.*

Author: grahambradley

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