State of the Dread: January 2022

Bring on another one! New year, new month, all that jazz.


This year I will not get distracted from the two books I have on deck for DPAH: BRIMSTONE and HOWLING. This month I need to finish a short story for an anthology and then it’s off to the races. Keeping it streamlined and simple.


Did a livestream last week recapping all 92 books I read in 2021, and here’s the rundown of the best 8. I’m also restarting my read of Quixote.


May be a cartoon of text that says 'F THE RADCRACKER PODCAST'

Got some new podcast art up, and I’m practicing some reproductions from different art books I have. This month is FF12.


Nothing new on this front, subscribe to my podcasts here though.

Radcracker Podcast

DreadPennies Adventure Hour


Nothing new here either, besides the livestream. Tune in for new weekly videos on the YT channel!

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