State of the Dread: February 2022

Aiight kids, what’d we do, and what’re we doing?


Last month I finished my MAMMON short story for Rob Kroese’s anthology. This month I’m finishing the pre-draft work for HOWLING WILDERNESS, a new Engines tale. I’ve postponed it too many times and I really want to tell that story.


Author: Cervantes' 'Don Quixote' Has Become A Handbook For Life

Last month I read 9 books and got 60 pages into Don Quixote. This month I’ll finish my reread of WITCHY WINTER and hit page 150 in Quixote. 2 books made the best-of-year list. I’ll call that a win.


I recorded a weekly Radcracker episode and finished the audio for Sheriff Porter. Next month I only have to record for Radcracker, and I can do that in my car. Should be a chill month for audio.


I started shorter videos of book reviews for the YT channel. Not completely married to the format, I might change it up and improve them. My most popular video was this one, on Nathan Bedford Forrest.


Some minor stuff, I did a few personal drawings but nothing for the craft. This month I need to do a cover for Sheriff Porter. I’m deciding between two thumbnails.


Main accomplishment in January? I cut back on sugar intake. For February my goal is to not have any sweetener before 7AM (like in my yerba) and to stick to a 12-hour IF window. I will also work out twice a week, or 8 times before the next State of the Dread. I’m going back to visible abs, children.

That’s all for now, get back to work.

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