Regretting the idiocy of my younger years

I’m guessing it’s a hallmark of getting older that you find something to cringe at when you reflect on your past.

For me this has happened a few times over the last couple of years, namely in the political realm. It’s never been more apparent than when Mitt Romney slithers his way into the news, or when literally anything about the Federal Reserve pops up.

So here it is (and I’ve said this on MeWe a few times) in brutal simplicity:

If I had a time machine, 2022 me would go back to 2008 or 2012 and pimp-slap younger me for ever making fun of Ron Paul.

(In my defense, a great deal of my opposition to Paul had to do with the maniacal cultish insanity of his loudest followers, but that’s not really fair to do. I just ran into them all the time.)

Anyway, this is revelant because this popped up online earlier this week.


I’ve got a book about the Fed that I’m gonna read this year. Review pending.

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