State of the Dread: June 2022


I didn’t write while I was in Kentucky, nor for the whole week after. The outline on HW is making me work for it. I keep having to go back and figure out what I need in order to get it right. I’m definitely there on the first half, and I’ll start writing before I worry about the second half.


Only did 5 books in May, I admit I’ve been following the Depp v Heard trial rather closely, thanks to Rekieta Law and some other YouTubers. It wrapped up last week and by the time this post goes live we might even have a verdict.

I finished two long audiobooks including SAINTS vol3, and finished re-reading AIRMAN to my kids. Got some bangers on the table for June.


Mermay. It took a lot of focus and I didn’t finish on time, but that’s where my drawing energy went. Fun challenge, next year I probably won’t participate. Overall I need to spend time drawing DreadVerse things.


Weight went up in Kentucky, that’s for darn sure. I bought a FitBit and started counting calories like I did ten years ago for my first Tough Mudder. Goal weight is 177.6 pounds, primarily for the memes.


Got a video or two up on the channel in May, my main priority in June is to do one on the signers of the Declaration of Independence.


Nothing. Get back to work.

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