UpstreamReviews is back up

Last week the site went down because it was based on WordPress, which doesn’t have malware protection built into its platform for some incredibly stupid reason.

After looking into the options for remedying the problem, BossRob decided to move it over to Substack. So the old URL takes you to a dead page, and the new URL is

I don’t know if Rob will connect the URL to the new site. Probably. I’ll holler here when it happens.

Anyway, Declan Finn is running the Substack, I think Rob is running the Twitter, and I’m now running the Instagram. Shaky legs so far, but I’m working out a rhythm for it.

Keep reading and sharing. We’re the alternative block for literary entertainment, friends.


Really freaking good movie. Why?

Lots of reasons.

–It’s a 36-year sequel to a classic from the 80s that neither negates, retcons, or destablizes its predecessor.

–While we don’t find out what happened with Pete and Charlie, we get enough context on Pete and Penny to know that she’s one of his other frequent flames from the intervening years.

–Tom Cruise is still a fun actor to watch

–The action scenes were incredible, and full of tension.

–Jeez, Miles Teller can act? Never saw that before.

–The respect for Val Kilmer and the way they worked him into the movie was superb. Bro has throat cancer IRL and apparently has to feed himself with a tube these days.

–I’m a sucker for multigenerational stories, especially when they’re done well. Rooster’s similarities to Goose were a little on-the-nose at times, but they had to be, I think; this is a dude who was a little kid in the first movie, lost his dad as a child, and now his mother’s gone. He’s clinging to what’s most important to him (his family) and that comes through beautifully over and over.

–Maverick and Rooster teaming up to overcome their greatest interpersonal obstacles in the third act is a thing of beauty. I’m so starved for good, masculine characters in popular entertainment these days. This was a bro movie for bros and bro-ettes alike.

–Zero postmodern politics is an absolute plus in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty-two. Kudos to them for keeping it out of the film.

I’ll leave you with Drinker’s video, with the usual content warning for strong language.

State of the Dread: June 2022


I didn’t write while I was in Kentucky, nor for the whole week after. The outline on HW is making me work for it. I keep having to go back and figure out what I need in order to get it right. I’m definitely there on the first half, and I’ll start writing before I worry about the second half.


Only did 5 books in May, I admit I’ve been following the Depp v Heard trial rather closely, thanks to Rekieta Law and some other YouTubers. It wrapped up last week and by the time this post goes live we might even have a verdict.

I finished two long audiobooks including SAINTS vol3, and finished re-reading AIRMAN to my kids. Got some bangers on the table for June.


Mermay. It took a lot of focus and I didn’t finish on time, but that’s where my drawing energy went. Fun challenge, next year I probably won’t participate. Overall I need to spend time drawing DreadVerse things.


Weight went up in Kentucky, that’s for darn sure. I bought a FitBit and started counting calories like I did ten years ago for my first Tough Mudder. Goal weight is 177.6 pounds, primarily for the memes.


Got a video or two up on the channel in May, my main priority in June is to do one on the signers of the Declaration of Independence.


Nothing. Get back to work.