Anything Boys Can Do…

…boys can do better.

Okay so I met up with a couple of Internet bros last Saturday (sup guys) for lunch at a Thai place. Predictably we got to talking about books. One of the bros, who will go unnamed here, but who has a character named after him in Howling Wilderness, mentioned that he doesn’t read books by women any more.

People will have predictable responses to this and I frankly don’t care what they are. Literally everyone should read what they want and literally nobody should tell anyone else what they have to read or cannot read. In the meantime, make recommendations to each other.

That said, out of curiosity I perused my last several dozen books and realized almost all of them were written by dudes.

A couple of women snuck in there and I don’t know how, but I’ll do better, you guys. Must have Y chromosome to ride.

Lol, but seriously. I don’t care who wrote a book, I care that it’s good, it just turns out that guys generally do it better.

“But JK Rowling! Stephenie Meyer! They made money!”

Sure, fine, cool, good for them, I literally do not care.





If you think it’s good, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Unless it’s super pedo or something, in which case, burn it with fire.


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