Channing Tatum is the gayest straight dude alive

And I say that with all affection.

Legitimately, I like the dude. I have yet to see a movie where he wasn’t likeable. Granted I haven’t seen all his movies, so who knows.

The wife and I watched The Lost City last week and it was really funny. Movies about writers tend to really exaggerate the headaches we deal with, but they do it for dramatic and comedic chops, which is kind of the point of the format.

What I didn’t know is that cover models are a huge deal in romance, and they have their own cultish followings. Tatum plays a cover model for Sandra Bullock’s character, Loretta.

There’s some raunchy humor in it here and there, but overall it’s pretty clever for its genre, and a lot of fun. Channing Tatum, who IRL got his start modeling and dancing, basically spends the whole movie playing Channing Tatum, just a little bit dumber. At the same time you can tell he’s playing it straight and taking it seriously, and the effort makes the movie watchable. Plus the dude is jacked, and I respect that.

He was in the running to play Captain America before Marvel handed it to Evans. He was supposed to be Gambit years ago, but Fox is morally opposed to making good X-Men movies since Days of Future Past, so who knows what will happen. But I liked him in this one and you should watch it.

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