State of the Dread: August 2022

Very bold of me to drop an update when I’ll be doing it again in nine days but good luck getting me to care. August has been an outhouse tornado and I’m just counting down the days until it ends.


Cracked 30k in HOWLING WILDERNESS. I’ve embraced the hot mess that is the first draft. I just need to get it down so I can focus on fixing it. Aiming for a Halloween 2023 release.


Finished a few books this month and in July, mainly I’m working my way through Rob Kroese’s Mercury books. I think Rekieta has a new case coming up soon so I’ll probably follow that, too.


Just the new channel art for YT.


I’ve gotten scripts ready for September, but haven’t recorded them. Gonna work on it this week.


The fact that I’m not an overly corpulent blob after a multi-state move is kind of a miracle, but working insane hours to get your whole house packed and then unpacked will do that to you. If I were to take a testosterone test right now it would probably be a fail.


Nothing, get back to work.

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