What if ‘Good Omens’ was written by a guy who liked Christianity?

I’m gonna save my in-depth review of this series for an Upstream article. For now I want to link to some stuff here.

Mercury Falls on Amazon

Rob Kroese is one of the much better names doing indie sci-fi and fantasy. It helps that he’s a yeoman novelist with a wide range of interests, and he studies a ton of stuff himself. Much like David Butler, he casts a wide net into different areas of Christian lore, then just has fun telling a good story.

In this case, we meet an angel named Mercury who wants to stop the end of the world, which–funnily enough–may come about due to a loophole interpretation of a divine contract between God and Satan. He’s not the only focal character by a mile.

We also get Christine, a journalist investigating Armageddon sects, and a colorful cadre of side characters to boot.

It’s just plain fun and I want you to like it. I finished book 2 recently so I’m moving through the series. Enjoy.

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