The Opposite of a Birthday

That would be the day that you died, right? Where you don’t eat cake, or anything? And instead of gifts, you get an insult of incredible magnitude?

Mentioning this for no particular reason, certainly not anything that’s going to show up in a search-engine blip.

OTD in 1973, Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, who created the majority of the corpus of poetry that exists in Old English today, and replaced the mythology that the Normans destroyed a thousand years ago in the British Isles, passed through the veil and into the next plane of existence.

His legacy of imagination and mythology will live forever, no matter how many billion-dollar corporations pay his ungrateful great-grandchildren millions of dollars so they can shove a fist up its rear end and make it parrot current-day sociopolitical drivel.

Thank you for your life and your work, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. I should very much like to shake your hand someday.

Author: grahambradley

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