State of the Dread: September 2022

Big breakthroughs on Howling Wilderness. The rest should be done by the end of the year and then I’ll take a break before getting it primed for Halloween 2023. Wish I could have done it for 2022, but this way I’ll have time to get quality digital illustrations dialed in. Between drafts I’ll decided on a palette-cleanser project.

Did some scribbling and stuff, but the big thing was the new thumbnails for YouTube. They’re versatile so I’ll use them elsewhere, too. I’m gearing up for Inktober 2022 now, and I’ll get some sketches done far ahead of time.

In August I read eight books. Nothing that made the best-of-year list but they were all very good. I’ve been thinking about the best-of list and I’ve decided that if I were to go back to previous years when I had 10 or 12 or 15 books on it, many of them would not break the threshold now.

In September I’m clearing out some stuff on the to-read list from a while back, and then I’ll have a goal to read maybe two nonfics a month for the rest of the year. Now that the move is over I can set print reading goals as well.

The rest is irrelevant. You’re here for my reading, writing, and drawing.

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