I’m rewatching SMALLVILLE

Aiight so hey, Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling started a podcast, because that’s what part-time celebrity actors do these days, especially if they were on a successful TV show more than a decade ago.

Admittedly I’ve been following it because it takes me back to some of the fun that I had whilst watching Smallville in my teens. It’s also a hilarious look at the absolute kitsch and schmalz that formed a huge part of my identity at age 17. I laugh so that I do not cringe.

Anyway, this week I showed my wife the first two episodes. It just validates what Tanner Guzy said, about how a present version of yourself should always be able to beat up on a past version of yourself.

I want to go find 17 year-old Graham, running on the treadmill at 24Hr Fitness with his Discman, playing CDs that he burned off of WinMX, listening to teenage emotional rage music, and tell him what an absolutely unqualified P***Y HE IS so that he will look back at those workouts 20 years later, in his house with his wife and kids and dog and Hemi Durango, and just laugh.

Though I supposed I’m already there, so thanks, Present Graham.

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One thought on “I’m rewatching SMALLVILLE”

  1. Funny this. I just started re-reading my journals from 25 years ago and my goodness, past me was something else.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we COULD go back and smack a little sense into ourselves?

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