They filmed “Kingdom of Heaven” here.

Ridley Scott plays fast and loose with history, and his 2005 movie Kingdom Of Heaven was the fastest and loosest. You might think Saladin was some kind of righteous liberator, and Christians were all mean and bad, if you thought his retelling of the story was accurate.

But that’s not important right now. We’re here to talk about the Castillo de Loarre, in Huesca, Spain. See it on Google Maps here:

Scott and his crew were filming in Huesca around January of 2004. It’s very old and remarkably intact. In March of that same year some very nice Spaniards took me and my mission companion north of Zaragoza to see the place, and I snapped a bunch of pictures. Here they are in no particular order.

Also, if you’re keen, I recapped all two years of my mission to Spain on the “Welcome to the Faro” podcast. Find it on Google, Spotify, Apple podcasts, and more.

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