Chances are good I’ll hit 75 books…

…by the end of November.

I’m at 74 right now and I’m partway through 75, so come on, really. Haha.

I was sorting through my to-read list for December. Only one Christmas book so far, but then I saw this Hallmarkian Christmas Romance and thought what the hell, I can throw on some plaid and review that in my shop.

I’ve also got an L. Frank Baum/Santa Claus thing to read, provided it doesn’t suck.

Gotta finish strong. I didn’t put the dent in my list that I wanted to this year, so next year is going to be an all-out blitz. Haha. If I start up a machine where I feed in audiobooks and spit out videos, that’s fine. It increases the odds of me actually making money off this stuff, lol.

Anyway, here’s what I’m listening to that’ll round out November. I assume the publisher ruled out Lockley’s original title of “Ninja WHAAAAAT?”

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