Christmas Books I’m Gonna Check Out

Aiight so by the time this posts I will probably have read one of these, but I don’t care and neither do yoooooooooooou

The Wizard of Oz guy takes a crack at Santa’s origins. Interesting. Looks like he wrote sequels but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Started this once, but never finished it. I may yet, despite its publisher, because Simon Vance is one of my stealth favorite narrators. We’ll see. This book is a backstory for Marley from A Christmas Carol. Why do people think they can just write a tie-in to a seasonal classic and get away with it?

I did the audio and this one was actually pretty heartwarming.

I remember almost nothing about this book. Remember how I worked in Park City in December? I spent all of January trying to forget that, it was freaking Hell Month.

Should probably re-read it. My review on GR said it was fun.

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