State of the Dread: Feb 5-11

Things are in motion…


Last week I did very little, it was more about organizing SHERIFF PORTER for print. But this week I have to take a hiatus from my own project to write a chapter in Nate Shumate’s ongoing round robin book. It’s due soon.


I finished EMPIRE OF SILENCE, plus a book about George Washington Carver, and an anthology of fiction based on Bass Reeves.

Next week I’m reading FORCED PERSPECTIVES by Tim Powers, CALLSIGN VALKYRIE (a Galaxy’s Edge novel), SOMETHING by Dakota Krout, and maybe one more if I have time. The GE novel will get a review over at Upstream.


The picture above is from the forthcoming cover of SHERIFF PORTER. I’m working on those for now. Ten in total.


I had a couple of Ask A Trucker vids, but the main one was my End of January Report, followed by an unboxing video for EVS’ latest CyberFrog comic.

Stay tuned for more Ask A Trucker videos, and subscribe to the channel. If you don’t like YouTube, I’m also on Rumble.


This week’s Radcracker was a little bit shorter due to work interruptions. I talk about EMPIRE OF SILENCE, the original Transformers movie, and more.


I made it to the end of January doing 100 pushups a day, five days a week. In February I’m up to 125. As of Feb 5, the count for #PectoCracker is 2450. This week I’m adding situps to the mix. I got fat for this week’s weigh-in, unfortunately, but this morning I was back down to 215. This Wednesday my goal is to be no heavier than 214.5.

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