State of the Dread: Feb 12-18

Is it summer yet…


I finished the Round Robin chapter. Beta notes came back for HOWLING WILDERNESS but I don’t think I want to jump into that just yet. This week if I spend any time writing, it’ll be on edits for SHERIFF PORTER.


I deviated a little from last week’s slate. I finished FORCED PERSPECTIVES and CALLSIGN VALKYRIE, both of which need reviews at the Stack and Upstream. I punted on SOMETHING, and instead read HORUS RISING. Really liked that one, but man there’s a lot to process.

This week I’m reading SOMETHING, and also THE CALIFORNIOS by L’Amour, and THE CRUCIBLE by Rodrigues. If I finish it, I have a short one to get through too.


Got to finish the cover for SHERIFF PORTER. After that, it’s interior illustration time.


Only did one, about Formula One racing. It was fine.


New episode of Radcracker, as usual. I think I’ve been letting these run too long. I need to get back to 8-minute segments.


I didn’t have a single day in the shop. BUT I did get back down to 215, and I did all the pushups that I needed to for #PectoCracker. Standing total right now is 3,075. Next week I need a shop day.

I’m gonna commit to one long walk with my kids and the dog, too. We need to walk more.

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