State of the Dread, Feb 19-25

Throwback to a signing in 2015. I’ve got my hand up. The baldy-beardo on the left is David J. West and if you thought it was me I understand.

This was a week of regression in many ways. I just didn’t get a lot done.


If you haven’t read THE HERO NEXT DOOR, buy your copy here:

Other than some reviews, I didn’t make any time for new writing. I won’t be making time this coming week, either. The current production focus is on drawing. Should I find myself in a position to write, it will most likely be another review for Upstream.


If you want to know how this went, listen to the most recent Radcracker (down under Audio).

This week I will read WHITE OPS by Declan Finn, MAMMON: NEMESIS by Rob Kroese, THE LESSER DEVIL by Chris Ruocchio, and I will at least start FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS by Graham Hancock. That one is a longer book so chances are I won’t finish it, it depends on how quickly I can knock out the other three.

I do want to make regular time for the other shows and stuff that I listen to at work. WriterDojo and TalkVille are my Wednesday shows, and I’ll usually pick up a few Nerdrotic/Valliant Renegade/YoungRippa videos too.


Very minor progress here. Thus I will commit to one hour today (Sunday), one hour on Tuesday, and two hours on Friday morning. This will require me to get up at the usual time even though Friday is my day off. Having concrete goals is the key.

The focus of this week is to finish the ink work on Elizabeth, get the background detailed, and be 100% ready to move into colors and rendering.


I did a few during my DOT breaks, including this one that is getting a lot of views in the last 24 hours. It’s a reply to Dank’s video on the Ohio train derailment.


I covered SOMETHING by Dakota Krout, THE CRUCIBLE by Will Rodriguez, and ARSENAL by Jeffrey Haskell. I also talked about Raquel Welch, who died last week. Listen here.


I did 500 pushups, which is the bare minimum. I was too tired and lazy on Saturday and talked myself out of a fifth day (125 pushups per day.)

I will repent of my mental fatness and add a sixth set to every day this week, so the count is not off. This will prepare me for 150 pushups per day in March.

I will also exercise in the shop on Monday and Thursday. Even a simple four-exercise circuit is preferable to nothing. That said, I did get close to 214 on the weigh-in.

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