State of the Dread: Feb 26-Mar 4

Aiight so we’re all on Team Arwen, yes? Correct? Very good.


I took some time one night to scribble out a few initial paragraphs to a project I’m not really discussing here. It was fun. I need to write like that more often.

Didn’t write anything new on the Stack. Headed there right after this.


I finished four books, maybe? Yeah four sounds right.

This week my main goal is to finish a L’Amour that I own in print. 50 pages a day ought to do it. I’m off work, so audiobook play will be limited. After I finish the L’Amour, I’ll figure out what I’m reading next.

Major progress on the cover for Sheriff Porter.


I was going to do a video on a book about Tetris but honestly, I didn’t care and I don’t think anybody else did either so I scrapped it.

I’ll probably do a video this week, and I’m taking requests.


New episode of Radcracker landed this week. Bad sound quality in a few segments, I appreciate your patience.


Threw down another 600 pushups on the week, bringing the total to 4300 on the year. I’ll do at least another 500 in the coming week. I finished reading a book that is kind of a sales pitch for intermittent fasting plus an expensive workout apparatus, but hey, it’s cheaper than buying an entire Olympic weight set and supposedly gets you similar results soooooooo I dunno. Got some homework to do. And I’ll just keep being an isometric beast in the meantime.

Get back at it.

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