I’m going to translate the Czech Monster Hunter anthology.

UPDATE: The publisher wrote back! There will be an eBook out in April on Google Play (I don’t really use iTunes anymore but it’ll be there too.) Also check out the comments, it looks like another reader can help me out with shipping on a physical copy. This is cool!


Not because I speak a lick of Czech, lol. I had this random idea and it seems completely doable, so here I go.

This looks awesome.

From Larry’s Facebook post about the antho:

A new MHI anthology that only a handful of you will be able to read. 🙂

This is an anthology of all new stories from Czech authors, set in the MHI universe, featuring the Czech monster hunting company, Fantom. (My stuff is really popular in the Czech Republic!)

My Czech publisher approached me about doing this, and I gave them my blessing, and sent them a short story about Owen Pitt in Prague.

This will probably never be officially translated into English. Sorry.

Larry Correia

Yeah, so that is really exciting. I seem to remember him taking a tour to the Czech Republic several years ago because of how popular he is over there. That popularity extends to the desire to create a Czech-only anthology.

But my desire to be an MHI completist compels me to find a way to read this book, and the chances that I learn Czech in the very new future are quite low. Fortunately this is the age of technology. Google Translate is free, and I’m a Speechify user. It may be clunky, but this is doable.

And I kind of want to prove as much.

Right now here’s where I’m at. I’ve found the Czech publisher’s page, and they have a contact portal. I typed a message to them in English, ran it through GT, and sent it over.

“Ahoj. Jsem Američan a používám překladatelský software, abych to napsal ve vašem jazyce. Mám zájem o sbírku “Lovci Monster Fantom”, která vyjde pouze v češtině. Je možné si objednat digitální verzi této knihy, abych ji mohl přeložit do angličtiny? Toto je pouze pro osobní použití. Děkuji. Moje e-mailová adresa je [redacted].”

“Hello. I am American and I am using translation software to write this in your language. I am interested in the “Lovci Monster Fantom” collection, which will be published only in Czech. Is it possible to order a digital version of this book so I can translate it into English? This is for personal use only. Thank you. My email address is [redacted].”

This was their reply:

Díky za zprávu. Náš tým je zrovna offline. 💤 Odpovíme vám hned, jak budeme zpět🙂

Thanks for the message. Our team is currently offline 💤 We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back 🙂

That’s where it’s at right now. If they have a digital edition, that would be easiest. If I can only get it through print, that will be harder.

For one, I expect the book will cost around 300 Czech Koruna, equivalent to $13.50. I don’t know what shipping will cost. Let’s assume at least ten bucks.

Then I’ll have to photograph each page individually and scan it into Speechify. This will take a very long time.

Either way I can get a copy. I’ll read each story and post a summary here, not the entire story itself.

But first I need FantomPrint to get back to me.

More to come.

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2 thoughts on “I’m going to translate the Czech Monster Hunter anthology.”

  1. I think it is not a problem to write to the publisher in English. I’m sure he’s talking to Larry, and he knows at most a few words of Czech. Try using DeepL instead of Google Translate. It uses artificial intelligence and the translations make more sense. Fantom Print I don’t know if they do digital versions of the books and if there is a problem with shipping to the US, I can arrange that myself.

    1. Thank you! I just got a response from the publisher in Czech. I assumed they speak English for the reasons you mentioned, I just thought it would be cool to try the translation route.

      Anyway, they said there will be an eBook available on iTunes and Google Play, so we’re good on that front. That said, I might want a physical copy anyway! Thank you Radek, let’s keep in touch.

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