State of the Dread: Mar 5-11

Anybody know how to get sweat stains out of a hat?


Okay, so last week I was on vacation and I got a LOT done here. I set up 90% of what I needed to do for the Indiegogo campaign for SHERIFF PORTER. Now I just need to do the artwork.

In between that I picked at a new Secret Project. There is no deadline on this one and I’m not throwing too many details out there about it. Very excited though.


Since I wasn’t at work, I didn’t get any audiobooks done. I did catch up on some graphic novels I backed last year, and those have video reviews from out in the shop. I also read more of LOST TREASURES VOL 1. I’m about halfway through it, my plan to blitz 50 pages a day fell by the wayside. I really love being lazy on vacation.


The cover is finished and I love it.

I mostly picked at thumbnails for SP drawings. I need to to five or six more, and then I’m ready to roll on the next phase. I anticipate being done with those by the end of April.

After that it’ll be a full blitz summer to do the drawings for HOWLING WILDERNESS. In order to get that book out on time, I think I’m going to have to limit myself to two types of art that will go fast: first, individual profile drawings of each racer. Second, maps with updates on where the race goes. Third, a few action pieces (three at most). If I take too long on that, I’ll miss getting it out for October, and it’s got strong Halloween potential.


No new Radcracker. That show pretty much exists in the Durango, and while I ran a few errands by myself this week, I didn’t want to record anything. Instead I put all that effort into…


This was a big week for the channel! I finally posted one of my audiobooks to YouTube. I suppose I should post it to Rumble now too, if their upload interface has decided to work.

But yeah, I got about an extra 50 watch hours, which is huge for me. Right now I’m sitting at 190 in 28 days. I need to average 334 per month for a year in order to get monetized. I’ll figure it out. (Subscribe to my channel here, I talk about reading, writing, and drawing.)

By far my most popular video this week was this one:


Ha ha oh BOY did I mentioned I was on vacation? I only did 125 pushups. That brings #PectoCracker up to 4,825 on the year. This week I will cross the 5,000 mark.

I now have to make a difficult choice, since we’re in March: do I increase to 150 a day? And if I do, shall I take my reps from 25 to 30, or my sets from 5 to 6? This is why my life is hard.

I suppose I shall have to man up and do the 30-rep sets, but I will ease into it on Monday and Tuesday, and do 6×25. I’m 38, I can’t just smash the gas pedal like I used to.

Anyway, that’s this week. Very productive. Get back to work.

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