State of the Dread: March 12-18

(He said he liked it.)


Nothing this week, but that’s a good thing. I’m in the illustration phase. I did spend some time ruminating on Secret Project and my general plan for that one is to write a chapter until I lose The Thread of it, then brainstorm for a few days and figure out where to go next. I can make that work as an in-between project. Kind of fun, actually.


Okay, so I finished FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS, and then a few titles for Upstream that I’m reviewing soon. These include CATERPILLAR, UNSTOPPABLE ARSENAL, and HELL SPAWN.

This is the last week that I have HOWLING DARK from the library so I need to burn through that. Been putting it off because it’s freaking huge. You know what? I’m going to break it up over the next four days. I need to listen to about 4 hours a day of it, and then I can listen to other stuff. I’ll finish a few books that way. This includes SPLASHDOWN, NAPOLEON, A SHORT STAY IN HELL, and probably SHADOW HUNTER. I need to read some more chill sci-fi.


This week I got a lot of drawing time before work, and I’m almost done with the thumbnails on Sheriff Porter. This week it’s my goal to get two drawings publication-ready.


Published a few bangers that are Doing Numbers as the kids say. Can’t wait until my videos average 10k views/week so I can look back at this phase for my channel and just laugh.


No audio recordings other than the most recent Radcracker. I spent more time doing audio for the YouTube videos, that way I could just add photos for the videos. I’m going to re-record my Engines of Liberty summary videos so I can refer people to them before HOWLING WILDERNESS.


Had another good weight week. I’m up to 5250 on PectoCracker. I will stick to the schedule for pushups and get to 6000 by Saturday. The weather is getting nicer so I am looking forward to more shop time. If work doesn’t run way too damn long like it did last week I should be okay, but I had too many late starts due to the warehouse. On the flipside, I used that time to get the SP thumbnails done, so…yeah.

Back to work.

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Writer, illustrator, reader, truck driver.

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