State of the Dread: March 19-25

I was a skinny twerp once and I wore a lot of stuff with “Ireland” on it.


Nothing this week, I’m illustrating. On that note, my schedule just changed at work. I’ll spare you the details, but dedicated creative time is about to become a regular part of my nights, so expect to see some acceleration in this space.


I finished two very big audiobooks and then a shorter one. HOWLING DARK was good but heavy. PATRICK SON OF IRELAND was better than I remembered. SPLASHDOWN will get an Upstream article.

This week I have a lot of shorter books to blast through, probably at the one-per-day rate. Monday I’ll knock out as many as three because they are very short. Like, even at regular speed they’d only get me through half a shift. One is basically a podcast episode, and I wouldn’t count it except the dude actually did a print book.

So just for tracking purposes, this week’s reading list is: NAPOLEON, a concise biography; A CASE IN OAK HAVEN; A SHORT STAY IN HELL; 47 RONIN; WARLORD OF THE NIGHTMARE REALM; CONGO; and THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY.


I finished one of the internal drawings for SHERIFF PORTER and started on the next one. With the schedule this coming week, I expect I will finish two entire pieces, at least.


Saint Patrick is doin’ numbers.

This week I’m going to do another video, I just don’t know what about.


Radcracker might be a pre-work recording and not a post-work thing, not sure. I really want to get the episodes back down to 30 minutes.


Did a shop session, that went well. Late night Friday shenanigans deprived me of the energy to do all my pushups on Saturday, so my total on the week was 630, not 750. PectoCracker is at 5,880 for the year. Wanted to crack 6 but I failed. Ugh.

I could just add a 6th set every day this week…hmmm….

Also I was a little over on weight. Boo. The new sched might help that though. We shall see.

Get back to work.

Author: grahambradley

Writer, illustrator, reader, truck driver.

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