State of the Dread: March 26-April 1

Not since I started trucking in 2013 have I been this freaking tired, and that’s saying something. Because I have pulled some all-nighters out of me, I tell you what.

The new night shift schedule is wrecking me. It’s hard on my body and my brain, and worst of all, it’s hard on my family. We’ll adjust, I hope–for now we’re all in a rough spot. My shifts all took several hours longer than they were supposed to, and preventably so. In office math, 50 hours a week equals 60 hours a week. Graham hates the warehouse.


No new fiction. I’ve written a few new book reviews for CrackerStack and Upstream. Go check out those sites. CrackerStack also has a few new premium articles up, doing movie reviews. Pay me money so I don’t have to truck as hard, pleeeeeeaase.


I finished 7 books. Suck on that. This week I’m reading TRUE BELIEVER (The Terminal List #2), AGAINST ALL ODDS (Grimm’s War #1), CASTAWAYS OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN, THE FOXMAN, and RESIDUE. Since some of those are short, I will likely read CODEX BABYLON and TIN CAN TOMMIES.


Finished a pair for Sheriff Porter, started a third.


I also had something important to say on this week’s Radcracker. Subscribe on Apple, Google, or Spotify.


Didn’t make one. I will, though. Next video will be about Calvin & Hobbes, and I’m switching the cord from my old garbage disposal to my new one in the process. Also got a couple of mailbag questions that I’ll answer “on the air.”


I lost some weight and hit the absolute bare minimum on pushups for #PectoCracker. If I do 500 per week, I won’t lose any ground. I had delusions of getting to 750 on the week and that blew up in my damn face. (It seems that doing 14 hour shifts on 4 hours of sleep depletes your energy? Especially if you do them all in a row?) Current total on the year is 6390.

This week I will only commit to another 500. If I exceed that, fantastic. Right now I need to focus on other stuff. It’s why I set this reachable threshold with the annual goal of 25,000.

Once more into the maw of the wolf. See you on the other side, sweating and coated in the blood of my enemies.

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