State of the Dread: April 2-8

It’s been a bumpy couple of weeks for me in the 21st Century, but hey.


Slapped together some reviews over at the Stack, didn’t write any fiction. This one is starting to bother me. I’m going to set aside at least one night per week to drop words on something. Let’s say Thursday.


I finished three more audiobooks and a print book, bringing my 2023 total to 49 books by the end of March. Tried to get to 50, but I didn’t want to force it. This week I will finish RESIDUE by Steve Diamond, CODEX BABYLON by Rob Kroese, the new Secret Sanderson book, and an old Kit Carson pulp novel. There’s a chance I’ll take a weeknight and finish EASY GO by Crichton. It’s print, I bet I could knock it out if I just sit down and read.


Made big progress here. I’m halfway through another piece and I like how they’re all coming together. Hopefully they print well. I also finished a commission for someone but I won’t post it until they’re ready.


New episode of Radcracker is up. Subscribe on AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


My reading recap for March. This one’s not doing as well as my other videos out the gate, but oh well. More to come.


Another hard week at work, but by gosh I got my 500 minimum push-ups in, plus an extra 10 with my daughter on my back (she thinks it’s fun.) Total on the year is 6900. I’ll commit to another 500, and see what I can do about working out in the shop.

This coming week is going to be busy. I have some stuff to do at church, and some projects around the house. But the train never stops.

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