State of the Dread: April -15

Jesus beat death, and I’m looking forward to the day He beats the tax man, too.

Happy Easter, everyone.


Didn’t have a writing night like I wanted. Too much else going on. I’m scheduling it this week for Friday night and the reminder is going in my phone. Most likely I will start chipping at the next draft of HOWLING WILDERNESS.

Also failed to write anything new for Crackerstack, that’s on me. Will remedy.


I finished three books, and I’m halfway through a fourth. This week I’m finishing CODEX BABYLON and then I’ve got some have-to reads in the lineup. The first is the Ron DeSantis book, it’s a library hold and others are waiting on it; then I’m due to read TOWER OF SILENCE, which just came out, and I need to review it for Upstream. I’ve got a few others to work my way through, I won’t announce them here until I’m done.


God willing, I should finish the interior art for Sheriff Porter. Once that’s done, I have to fine-tune the crowdfunding details. No decision yet on when that is going live, but it will be in the next few months.


New Radcracker dropped, as always. Subscribe on AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


I had a successful video about the new Paolini book coming in October, but why the heck isn’t anyone watching my RESIDUE review? Watch this now, daggummit!


Oh boy. Last week broke me. For the first time all year, I failed to do the baseline 500 pushups. The last two days of work were brutal (I moved well over 2,000 cases off the truck and most of it was heavy.) But I also waited until Thursday to really try to catch up, and I flat out did not have the energy for it. It was almost scary, how drained I was. Then again I did move 30,000 lbs of product by hand in just two days, so I mean…

I’m recommitting. I only did 240 pushups this last week so the total is up to 7140. I will do 560 this week to get me to 7700. It’s also my goal to weigh in at 210, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m almost adjusted to the night schedule.

Get back at it.

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