State of the Dread: April 16-22

Sometimes I draw pictures at church.


Started edits on HOWLING WILDERNESS. S/o to “Kenny Parrish” for his feedback, I’m 2 chapters in and already tightening the bolts. I aim to be 25% done this week (currently 10% done.)


Finished a couple of good ones, there will be reviews on Upstream. This week I’m starting my re-read of the Red Rising series, I expect the first book will take me 2 days. I don’t like to blitz those, and I have a lot of other content to listen to. I’m also going to read DEAD RINGER and RIPTIDES.


Finished a Porter piece, got another one half finished. Had some busy evenings, so I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but I did see The Return of the King in the theater, so it was a worthy trade-off.


New Radcracker, as one does. Subscribe on AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


I did a video about Mario that earned some numbers, but the real winner is my video about LitRPG that seems to be pissing off a lot of nerds, lol.


I did my 500 pushups. Wanted to do the 660, but I stuck to the basics just to get back on track. Very pleased. I’ll do 560 this week just to cap off that awkward 40. As of right now I’m at 7640 so next week I want to hit 8200 even. Also got my weight down under 211, by a frog hair. Progress is progress.


My YouTube channel is growing and I keep getting closer to monetization. Please follow and watch.

I do book reviews on the CrackerStack and you can subscribe there to support my work financially.

I occasionally post art on Instagram, too.

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