State of the Dread: April 23-29

I’m pretty tired.

These 55-hour weeks are stacking, bros. Gotta figure out how to cut an hour off the route every day.


I finished three books. This coming week I will finish four, including XENOS (WH40k), RIDING THE ROLLER COASTER (history of Chrysler), TOPGUN (history of the actual school), and NORWOOD (a novel by the guy who wrote TRUE GRIT).

Might sneak a fifth book in there, depends on what’s going on. Many short books this week. Hoopla was bugging me about the six April credits I hadn’t used yet so I went on a borrowing bender.

I’ve also got some books I need to read for Upstream, we’ll see if I work one in.


Made a LOT of progress on the Howling Wilderness edits. Very pleased. I’m adding more clues along the way that will support the final act reveal with the [no spoilers].

Also managed to get together a review for TOWER OF SILENCE, that took longer than I expected. Gonna go write a few pieces for the CrackerStack after this.


Finished a piece for Sheriff Porter, started another one. I will finish it this week. Then, well…I might be ready to launch that bad boy. I’m tempted to just throw it up on Amazon instead of going through the hassle of a crowdfunding campaign, but let’s be real, I’ll make some actual dollars if I crowdfund it. And that’d be nice.

Another realization I had this week is that I need to commit to fewer pieces in my books, this will help turnaround time, and it will force me to only draw the ones I really want to, which always come out the best anyway.


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I didn’t get this done like I wanted to. The week went well until Wednesday when I only got a few hours of sleep, then woke up to a tornado siren. I never really recovered from that, and by the end of Friday my energy levels plummeted. I will probably get the Watterson video recorded tonight and it will go live tomorrow morning.

I’m making a change to my sleep schedule and it should be the last adjustment needed.


This was me, once. We have to go back…

I kept my weight down and my total #PectoCracker count is 8040. I was supposed to do 100 on Friday and I didn’t, and I didn’t make it up yesterday either. This was a conscious choice and I’m upset with myself over it.

Part of the problem is my nutrition, I was not on top of it this week. I went grocery shopping and got some better food this week. Frankly I need to be eating more carbs. I burn 4,000+ calories a day and then I bonk and eat ice cream or whatever, no surprise that I’m in a nutritional purgatory.

Never stop trying though. Keep at it. This week I am committing to 560 pushups (112 per weekday are you kidding me, come on) so I can get to 8600 on the year. That keeps me on pace for 25,000. Once May hits, I’m going back to 150 a day.

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