State of the Dread: April 30-May 6

Never 2 old to re-learn the basics.


I finished an article for Upstream and the third draft of HOWLING WILDERNESS is complete. Huge thanks to Kenny Parrish for coming in clutch with the feedback, he triggered a lot of improvements.

If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader you can let me know in the comments. There’s no money involved or anything, it’s just a way for readers to get involved in the process if they really want to.


Four and a half books. I punted on the fifth one, it just wasn’t that interesting. 16 books in April, 1 of which was in print. Video coming soon.

This week I’ve got some catch-up reading to do. I have the new David Grann book from the library, and some Hoopla titles. I’ll crush three of those and a Speechify book on Friday. So let’s see…WAGER, SOME DANGER INVOLVED, HISTORY DECODED, and INESCAPABLE ARSENAL. And the Friday book is WRAITHBOUND.


The momentum was with the edits so I went down that road. This week I’ll finish the SHERIFF PORTER art and work on formatting it for publication.


New Radcracker, make sure you’re subscribed. AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


I launched my video review of ISOM #1 by Eric July. Subscribe to the channel while you’re there!


My weight has bubbled back up even though I punched another hole in my belt. Had another 55 hour week at work but I got my 500 pushups in. In May I’m trying a workout app, and I bought the book you saw at the top of this post. Never stop never stopping.

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