State of the Dread: May 7-13

Summer’s coming…


Took a breather here and focused on art and other stuff. Also spent some evening hours with the missus and that’s my jam.


Finished a bunch of titles, or at least scratched them off the list. This week I’m going to read WAGER by David Grann, WRAITHBOUND by Tim Akers, WITH GRIMM RESOLVE by Jeffrey Haskell, THE SKIN MAP by Stephen Lawhead, and THE BLACK PRISM by Brent Weeks, much to the delight of Kenny Parrish.


Mostly done with the SP illustrations. One more pass and I’m on to the formatting. Should expect details of the crowdfunding campaign soon. With any luck I’ll run it in June.


New Radcracker is up. AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


I did a few videos. Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel. The LitRPG gang on YouTube make a recommendation that I will probably check out, but not this month.

And my friend Mike asked about my CB handle. I still need to do a video to answer a question from Kenny Parrish.

Anyway, next video is a review of Drinker’s first published book.


Got 520 pushups in. Friday was murder, the humidity was off the rails. It drained my energy and I slept all weekend long. Need to really stay on top of the electrolytes. PectoCracker currently stands at 9,060. I’ll do those other 40 this week, ugh. That’ll get me to 9600 if I don’t wuss out. But since it’s May I need to do 150 a day…yeah. This is gonna be a ride.

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