State of the Dread: May 14-20

This was how we had to do it, back before audiobooks.


Made it into chapter 2 of the edits on HOWLING WILDERNESS, reading it to the wife. Looking to finish chapter 3 this week.


Only finished three books, tapped out of the other two. Had a weird couple of days at the end of the week. This week I’m finishing three more, including BLACK PRISM and SHOOT THE DEVIL.


Finished interior illos for SP and formatted them into the book. This week I have to make the promo video for the crowdfunding campaign.


New Radcracker.  AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


Friday got away from me, so I’m tackling a video I’ve been meaning to make tonight. It’s my review of Speechify after using it for several months.


Got my weight back down to about 212, I changed my eating habits at work so that’s helped a lot. Also did 750 pushups, which puts #PectoCracker at 9,810. Haha. Nice. I’m hitting 10k this week!

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