State of the Dread: May 21-27

I…may have binge-watched a show this week. Which explains why I didn’t get certain things done.


Yeah, so, uh, not much here. Read a little bit more HW to the wife, but didn’t make sufficient progress. I spent a lot of time burning through Andor before my D+ subscription ends.

Side note, in my novel BRIMSTONE there was a fictional nation called “Andor.” I came up with that name in the fall of 2016 while I was worldbuilding it. Then Rogue One came out, and there was a character with that name. Fine, no problem, until six years later when Disney SW makes a whole show about the guy. I feel like I should change that element of BRIMSTONE. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.


A better week. I finished BLACK PRISM by Brent Weeks, TURQUOISE SERPENT by Palacios, and DRIVE by Sallis. DRIVE was awesome. It’s the basis for the movie, which I haven’t seen and likely won’t, but memes abound and they amuse me. The writing was very good and I like the main character. TURQUOISE SERPENT was mostly cool although I’m struggling to remember what all happened. It was a short Speechify book and I was in a bad mood so I missed a lot. Will probably re-listen to it down the road.

This week I’m going to finish three of the short stories in my L’Amour book, and finish the Grimm’s War trilogy. When that’s done, it’s time for GOLDEN SON again.

When June hits, I’ve got some heavy reading to review for Pr1d3 month. That’s gonna be difficult but necessary.


Nothing to post here, I’m doing thumbnails for HOWLING WILDERNESS, and finalizing the shapes of some of the newer mimics. The manticore is proving to be a challenge. I think I’m getting it, though.


New Radcracker. The listens are way down on the show and I don’t care, lol. This is just part of my habit now and I like that a few of you are loyal listeners. It’s not about monetizing everything.   AppleGoogle, or Spotify.


There are two videos I have to do this week: one is a review of RED RISING, and the other is the damn IGG video for Sheriff Porter.

Here’s my Speechify video:

See the channel for others. Last week I did a bunch of lower-effort videos (and one of them had sound issues.) Next week I’m buying a wireless microphone, the one that jacks into my audio port is just shot. One of the viewers on my otherwise great Schulz video mentioned that was a problem. Damn.


WE’RE OVER TEN THOUSAND!!! Ah crap, I missed my shot last week to say “over nine thousand.” Haha. But yeah, I did 750 pushups last week, putting the count at 10,560. By the end of July I’ll be at 1,000 per week, but that’s looking too far ahead.

This week my additional focus is on stretching. The heat and humidity are ramping up in Oklahoma and I’m starting to feel the lack of recovery. I absolutely have to hit that harder.

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