And now for something local…

“Uncle” Ethan Van Sciver was one of the early “comicsgaters” who left the mainstream industry and had massive success as an independent artist. His CyberFrog comic has already grossed millions of dollars and will continue to rake in the cash. He’s got an eBay store with cool merch too.

I didn’t know that he grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He mentioned that in one of his videos this week, covering that nutjob who threatened to blow up all of SLC if the courts didn’t finalize his divorce.

Uncle Ethan goes on to say he’s not active right now, but he’s not shown any hostility toward it, so that’s cool. He’s just a chill guy drawing fun comics. Give him a look.

2022 Reading: Finally got another one

OOF. Took me a few months, but I got another book that blew my mind.

I’ll save the details for the end of the year episode, right now I just want to say this: it’s a bold move to get to the thirteenth book in a procedural series and change up the storytelling mechanism in such a way that could potentially alienate longtime readers.

Johnson has done a few books before that had alternating flashback scenes. I think the fourth or fifth Longmire book dealt with repercussions from his time in Vietnam, and we got glimpses of his war service.

THE WESTERN STAR though is a bit of a dual-case story. Walt was up against a murderer in 1972, and had to face the possibility of him being released from prison 40 years later. We see the case play out in real-time in the past as well as the drama surrounding the release in the present.

And the last 10% of the book was just a gut-punch like you wouldn’t believe. Bold, bold, bold. And for this reader, it worked. I’m glad I’ve kept up with this series.

The 2022 Best-Of list now has 4 books on it. Hoping to get to 10 before the end of the year, but I won’t force it.


Hey, I missed the last few days of posting because I was out of town over the weekend. Came home and two of my kids got sick. I’m still trying to catch up on a million other things, including print books that people have bought.

(If you haven’t gotten yours yet, email me. Dreadpennies at gmail dot com.)

Anyway, gotta get back to writing, then prioritize some videos. See you soon.

Summer Reading List

Admittedly I’ve been in a sort of funk with my reading–I made the mistake of stocking up too heavily on non-fiction and I don’t have enough good fiction to break it up in between.

But I’m getting back on the wagon and knocking out some cool books this summer, starting with:

Another in a long list of history books about the westward expansion, specifically tied to Kit Carson and his exploits.

This dude was a one-armed Civil War veteran who explored the Mountain West. And I get to read it in his own words.

Haven’t red Heinlein in years and I need to fix that.

Cole and Anspach have been nuking the indie publishing game for almsot a decade now. This is the start of their “not Star Wars” series. I’m due to retry it.

First book in a prequel series that covers the origins of the Dune saga.

Gonna be a great summer, cats.


Some of you bought print copies of HND from me recently, and I’m just getting them out in the mail this week. Thanks for your patience.

If you still want one, I have three copies left at $10. That’s cheaper than Amazon, and I’ll draw something in the front for you. Send me a message at dreadpennies [at] g mail dot com.

Man…I really wish I was a full-time writer. So many books I want to get to, including the eventual THE HERO UPSTAIRS.

Nick’s gonna have a pretty wild ride in college.

Been a While, Back in Style

Last week got away from me pretty hard. I went out of town and didn’t get to do any post prep on Sunday, then worked a nearly 70-hour week, so that sucked up all of my evening time. I’m amazed I even got a video out.

I’m starting a new series on the channel, covering chapters from a book called “What So Proudly We Hail.” It’s about American civics and culture.

Here’s the first one. I’m back on deck for this week, should be daily posts again.

Buy physical media: ‘Merican DVD edition

It’s only natural that we watch one of the most important American documentaries ever on an annual basis. But there are others, too.

I’m always partial to these classic Schulz cartoons as long as Frank Welker is in there somewhere doing a voice.

Haven’t seen either of these. I’m curious about Saints and Strangers, and I’ve heard good things about Sons of Liberty.

And hey, speaking of the Sons, check out this Disney classic. It’s pro-America so they won’t put it on their streaming service, because NO BALLS.

Check out this song from the movie. It SLAAAAAAAAAPS.

What else do you watch leading up to ID4?