Decoupling from Amazon: Used Books Edition

Shout-out to my boy Case and his brothers for putting me on, which is at least comparable to Amazon with its free shipping. The used book market is really good over there, but you can find new releases too.

In my ongoing effort to spend less money on Amazon, this one is a huge help. I bought my first order from them last spring and I’ve done it numerous times since then. Go check them out.

Decoupling from Amazon: Yerba Mate Edition

I’ve been a yerba drinker since my time in Spain. While I don’t use the traditional gourd or packing methods, I do have my preferences for flavors and brands.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been trying to buy fewer things on Amazon and instead support other businesses. Amazon has been good in a lot of ways but bad in others and too much power in one place is bad, so there you go.

Thus my searching has led me to and that’s where I buy my stuff. I can get the big names like Rosamonte, CBSe, and Amanda, but they’ve got plenty of other brands too and I cycle through them so I’m trying new stuff. I didn’t think it would make a huge difference but I can tell when I’m drinking one or the other. Kind of cool.

If you’re into yerba, give them a try.