Fresh Meat, Not Reboots: Darrow of Lycos

Like me, you’re probably tired of every new movie franchise really just being a retread, reboot, sheboot, or genderbend of an old classic.

There are plenty of other characters out there who deserve to make it to the screen besides Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, King Arthur, and so on. I could list a million more.

We’ve seen every damn iteration we should see. Studios will just milk a property that has no trademark but enjoys high brand recognition.

Here are some book series that you should jump into so that we increase the chances of seeing them on screen someday.

Darrow is the protagonist from Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy. I say “trilogy” because I don’t care for anything that comes after book 3. The first three stories end fantastically and after that, the story unwinds itself. I wrote about this over at UpstreamReviews.

As for Darrow, he’s a low-class drill operator who was genetically remade into a ruling-class warlord, joining a group of underground rebels who want to destroy a pseudo-Roman empire in the future. They killed his wife. He’ll burn everything they love to the ground.


An entire genre crashed and burned and we barely noticed.

The YouTube algorithm dropped this into my feed and it’s dead-on. I checked a few of Zed’s other videos, they’re pretty entertaining.

It’s interesting how the YA dystopia genre up and croaked almost as fast as it came to life. You’ve still got writers chasing Harry Potter dollars, but the Hunger Games crowd has largely moved on.

(Personal opinion, this is because Hunger Games won’t be topped in that genre and everyone knows it.)

Anyway, give this a watch.