More Howling Progress

I found myself with a rare pair of nights alone at home, since the wife is visiting her family for my SIL’s graduation. I’m using the time to get caught up on HOWLING WILDERNESS, which, like every damn thing I write, is resisting my efforts to make sense.

This last week has been quite productive though. In addition to reducing the length of the Appalachian Trail Classic, I’ve also figured out ways to make the main three characters bounce off of each other better.

One potential pitfall is that I have 26 racers in the Classic and I’m tempted to showcase them all equally. That’s not going to be possible, so some of them will just have to get a passing mention (although I’ll draw all of them at some point.) Tonight I outlined a scene with a character called “Ohio Pete” Hamden–he’s got an important role to play at the end, so it was necessary to set him up at the beginning, but really he’s a second- or third-tier character. So I’ve got to be careful.

As of this writing I’m still putting the final touches on the outline, but once I have those in place the drafting will be smoother than it’s been so far. I just keep hitting the wall every time I sit down to draft because I don’t have all the minutiae in order and that stuff matters in a book like this.

Okay, gotta go hit the sack now. Peace.

Larry Correia RT’d my MHI video

And now it has 30 something views, more than my other book reviews get.

I really don’t know what else to do with my YT channel a lot of the time…860 subs, but I’m pretty much The Mayflower Guy. My most successful book reviews have been about Robin Hood, Louis L’Amour, and a manga version of All You Need Is Kill.

wtf do you people even want.

Anyway, watch the vid. I’ll do some art vids after I record the Sanderson stuff I have on deck.

Howling Might-derness

Okay I figured out a lot of what was going wrong with HW.

Since it’s a race along the Appalachian Trail, I needed to double-check the course I had in mind. Looks like for a lot of it the racers won’t be on the current-day AT. It makes sense because they will be on machines and stuff, not on foot like the through-hikers do.

So the trail in the book will follow current-day roads and highways along rivers and such. That makes it about 700 miles shorter than in IRL. Trims about a week off of the original timeline.

That helps me to keep the pacing up. Trim the fat, as it were.

And my wife is out of town for the next two nights for a thing at my in-laws, so it looks like Graham is caffeinating and drafting like a mofo. Updates to come.

BREAKING: Beets taste like dirt

And they always have.

For serious though, I’m shoving more vegetable smoothies down my gullet to crush my hunger cravings and prevent me from eating soy-infused corn sold by truck stops. I desire to once more weigh 180 lbs.

I deserve this suffering for the money I have spent ingesting food unfit for the body my Woad ancestors bestowed upon me. I shall report further.

Like this post if you want me to share my daily weight on the bathroom scale when I wake up.

Hey Graham maybe you should blog more

Hey maybe you should shut up

“You need to have a following online if you want to sell books”

Yeah I agree, how much time do I spend building that following?

“Make a video”

So you don’t have an answer then

“Why aren’t you spending more time on Instagram”

Because I’m writing the books that 12 people are reading, you ignorant skank

“Why are you arguing with yourself”

Where am I supposed to get decent arguments? Twitter? Bruh

“How much have you even written today”

(looks at the above) No way I’m counting this, bye

Decoupling from Amazon: Beard Care edition


Anyway, I found a new company that sells beard care stuff and soaps and whatever. It’s called Mad Viking Beard & Body Care. Their stuff has cool names and it’s made in America. That makes it better than stuff you buy at the grocery store or from Amazon.

I’ve also bought a few cases of Duke Cannon products over the last year, and they’re great. I’m just changing it up.

Is there anything to look forward to in entertainment?

Definitely not an invalid question. I used to have several books per year on pre-order, but so many series have let me down that I stopped sinking money into it. Lockwood? Fifth book sucked. Arc of a Scythe? Third book was ass. Red Rising? Ignore everything after the original trilogy.

So what am I looking forward to? Well, in books, there are a couple of things:


This will match the Illustrated LOTR that I got this year. Beautiful book. The illustrations were done by Tolkien himself. Legend. Comes out in November, mine’s preordered.


Dave tweeted out the pic this weekend. Excellent cover art, and I have enjoyed books by both of these men, so I expect that a collaboration between the two of their sizeable brains will be very engaging. Dunno when it comes out so stay tuned.


He always does. He’s Larry. There will be more Forgotten Warrior, more MHI, all that stuff. He’s the one author that I trust to constantly provide me with good fiction.


I love the Drinker. I tried his other series and didn’t care for it due to content issues. This one sounds awesome though. I’ve got the audio on preorder.

I mean, that all right there is pretty cool.

Are there any good movies coming out?

Short answer is no. I’ve got zero hype for the new Doctor Strange. I don’t trust Disney at all. I’m already hearing that it’s been banned in China so they either included Tibet or gay people in it, two things China hates almost as much as it hates black people. Disney will bravely tell Americans what their education laws have to be, but they’ll bend over and take it for Chinese dollars. They don’t get mine.

Disney’s also making a live-action Chip N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, but it has Seth Rogen in it, and he’s a giant piece of manure, so yeah, no dollars for him either.

There’s that Top Gun sequel, but it’s a thirty-year sequel. It’s just going to be a rehash of the first one with Maverick as the instructor instead of the student. The cinematography will be cool, I don’t trust the story though.

Jurassic World: Dominion…man, Fallen Kingdom was fun but stupid as hell and full of holes. I have no expectations for this to be any better. But I did just show my kids the first movie so if we catch up on the series, we’ll see.

Lightyear? More openly homosexual propaganda. I understand that this isn’t the fault of the animators or the people who worked on it outside of the writer’s room…so maybe turning this movie into a bomb will make them push back against said writer’s room. Stop. Pushing. Sexuality. On. Kids.

(Then again most of Disney’s customers are childless millennials who spend half their paycheck on cat food? Who knows.)

Thor Four: More Thor. Ha. Ha, ha ha ha. No. Just no. Stop.

Black Adam. Hey, everyone’s tired of superhero movies AND everyone’s tired of The Rock, so if we make The Rock a superhero, maybe that’ll cancel out?

Hocus Pocus 2. Up yours, Disney. This movie didn’t need a sequel. The Sanderson sisters are dead, they can’t come back, otherwise the first movie was pointless. And it’s just gonna be woke anyway. The main present-day characters are all chicks.

Black Panther 2 STAAAAAAAAHP






Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was pretty good

I know it’s been out for a few weeks and the time for Hot Takes and Clickbait Reviews is gone, but as I’ve stressed this week, I do not care. I’m going to do things when it is good for me to do them.

Last week I took the family to see Sonic 2. Plenty of fun, just as good as the first one, with new characters and a new adventure. The whole “Tom’s sister-in-law gets married” thing was dragged out just a little too much but there were funny parts in it, and that’s what a movie like that is supposed to do.

I mentioned in the first one that Ben Schwartz voicing Sonic was a good idea because it didn’t distract me, I didn’t know who he was or what he looked like. Sonic 2 made me feel validated because Idris Elba was the voice of Knuckles, and that was a little too much. He’s too famous for that, I think. But I’m just a late-30s dad, nobody cares as long as I cough up the money, lol.

Anyway, here’s to the big studios hopefully pulling their heads out of their butts and making more family-friendly stuff with good plots and actual character development in them.

Go My Favorite Sports Team

The NFL Draft was this last weekend. I’ve got a handful of friends that I talk to about the Indianapolis Colts, and we were pretty excited for how this whole thing shook out.

Truth be told if it wasn’t for those few friends I might not give a rip about football anymore. Some of my peers have successfully swayed/shamed me out of general sports fandom, which I feel conflicted about, because if you have a hobby and you like it then what gives, but they do have a point when it comes to being too focused on something that someone else does, instead of doing things yourself.

That’s why I took down that poster in my office of Luck’s fumble recovery from 2014. It was a cool and exciting moment but I had nothing to do with it and I don’t want to be that Annoying Sports Dad to my kids. I replaced the poster with drawings from my books. And I need to get better at drawing.

Anyway, congrats to the Colts on a good draft, I look forward to a winning season where we don’t start slow and struggle for three months only to miss the playoffs because our DB depth is weak and our quarterback sucks.