Some of my Kindle books are $0.99 right now.

Check out Hans Schantz’s post, he runs group indie sales like this a few times a year and I managed to get in on it this time.

For the next week, the following Kindle books by Graham Bradley are just a buck. Surf the sale and see if you want anything else in there, too.




REBEL HEART (book one of Engines of Liberty)

Buy, and tell your friends to buy, and keep buying, mwahahahaha

Projects for 2023

Guys, I’m planning an end-of-year bash on the channel (subscribe!) where I will announce what I’m going to publish/produce/accomplish next year. Here are the categories

Reading: Fewer books, but longer ones. Average one per week or so. This will include the current four Stormlight Archive volumes, biographies on Jefferson Davis and Robert Rogers, and a huge lineup of artbooks that I’m behind on reading.

Writing: I will publish ENGINES OF MERYKA: HOWLING WILDERNESS, as well as the print/illustrated editions of SHERIFF PORTER and ANSWERABLE COURAGE.

Drawing: I’ll have my hands full doing illustrations for three books. One way to make that manageable will be to limit the amount of art I put in each one. I’m thinking eight total for the shorter books (not including the cover art) and no more than fifteen for HOWLING WILDERNESS. I’ll have to be very strict with my schedule.

Video: Production on video content will be regularlized. There will be at least one weekly video on my channel, reviewing a book or weighing in on something generally.

Audio: The Radcracker Podcast will continue, with new art and a more rigid format, so that the content is (frankly) better.

2023 is going to be a big year for me. I’m done moving, my schedule is consistent, and with my time consumption being predictable, I can dial in my meaningful creations with greater speed. I reserve the right to change any of this stuff as needed. Stay tuned.

Unfattening update

I’ve been hovering at 210 for about a week, which doesn’t shock me; it means those first 7 pounds were easy fluff and now the slow burn begins. That’s why I haven’t been posting every day.

For primarily budget-based reasons I’ve stopped getting food at gas stations and stuff during the day, which has helped with the weight (who could have seen that coming…)

But hey, if you want to help out on the budget side, I have a topical book coming up: MISTER FRIDAY. Right now it’s only available on Kindle…not sure what that’s about.

Here’s the description:

In a near future, Black Friday is enshrined as an official economic holiday. The violence and competition that have come to characterize the start of the Christmas shopping season are now encouraged and regulated by the US Government.

Jonathan Rigel Jr. quickly climbed the charts and became the greatest Friday Fighter of all time. When he finally decides that he’s out for good, he learns the hard way that you can’t just turn down a good deal…

Amazon description

I also narrated it on the old Brother Truck Book Club so feel free to listen to it there. It was a lot of fun to write. Check it out.

Currently reading:

William Bradford catalogued the first few decades of events at Plymouth Plantation (the Mayflower colony) in a single manuscript that was entrusted to his sons and grandsons.

It eventually made its way back to England, and was returned to the US in the late 18th or 19th Century. Harold Paget put together this edition in 1920, on the 300th anniversary of the voyage that brought Bradford & Co. to Massachusetts.

We’ve since had the 400th anniversary. This is a good book, go read it.

Also I’ve assembled a YT playlist for all of my Pilgrim-related videos.

“On a final note…” (20 minutes later)

S/o to Ben for catching that, haha.

I did a review on a book that made my best-of list for 2014. Links are in the video description. It’s about the philosophy of work, and the way people change when they’re in an environment where the quality of their work isn’t the deciding factor in assessing their contributions to the company.

Go watch it. Ran a little longer than I planned, but it’s good.

ERAGON was not a good book, but it didn’t have to be. Lemme splain.

This book was huge back in 2006 when I first picked it up. I got WAY into it. I’d been removed from reading big fantasy novels for a while so it was a good primer for getting me back into the genre.

Someone pointed out to me that it was the plot of Star Wars with dragons, and that’s accurate, even if I didn’t want it to be at the time. You can give it a break on the grounds that the dude was 15 when he wrote the first one, and got the others done in his late 20s. I sure wouldn’t want anyone to read my stuff from back then, but I would also have taken the half-a-million dollars that came with it in a heartbeat, so no judgment there.

ERAGON was kind of like Harry Potter in the sense that it got a lot of normies into a genre that they might not have otherwise messed around with, and created a demand for more. In the end that benefits writers and readers. That’s a good thing. There are still people that really loved the series (I still have fond memories of reading the first two).

Whether it holds up now is less relevant than the space it created for more of us to generate and enjoy books of the same genre.

Audible had this on sale last week and I grabbed it for my kids, largely on the comparison to ERAGON, among other things.

Haven’t read it yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Audible had another sale…

I ain’t even finished listening to all the books I bought on the last sale, ugh.

I picked up about a dozen more. Some are audiobooks of print books that I’ve already read, like SAKURA. I also grabbed a copy of WITCHY EYE for my wife, and some nonfiction as one does. (There was even a biography on Jefferson Davis and I realized I knew nothing about the dude other than he was the Confederate president.)

Yesterday I finished reading TABOO, by the same guy who wrote HATE CRIME HOAX. Very Thomas Sowell-esque intellectual writings.


For reports on these books, make sure you follow the Radcracker Podcast.