New Channel Art

Forgot to tell you guys I made these. Go subscribe to my channel, please.

Most of the YT channel will still be about books and reading, but I wanted to diversify the content with other things that I do regularly.

The current reading project for the channel is “What So Proudly We Hail.” I have videos scripted, just not recorded. Those who know, know that I have a lot going on for the next week.

In between video scripts, I’m picking at Howling Wilderness. It’s up and down with that one.

I draw when I can’t write, or when I’m not in the mood. My digital stuff is improving, and when I sit down to do publication-worthy stuff, I’m really pleased with the result. Onward and upward.

I need you guys to boost this video

Here’s a video rundown of a bunch of different drawings I’ve done over the last few years. Some good, some less so, and critiques for all.

Somehow this video was set to “unlisted” when it went live, so most of my subscribers didn’t see it. Really annoying. It’s killed my momentum for the week on my channel.

The YouTube algo is a cruel mistress. That’s why UmbrellaGuy is STILL posting videos about Amber Heard. I’m not gonna do that, but I am gonna vary up the content.

Anyway, watch and share, if you’re so inclined.

Howling Wilderness Update

The speed of the writing comes in spurts, so I’m employing a lot of Clint Eastwood Ninja Turtle in this draft. If you’ve forgotten what that is, he’s just a mechanism I use when a scene isn’t working. A meme version of “fix it in post.”

I just write him into the story, and he escorts the characters to the next part.

Get it written, so you can get it fixed.

I crossed 26k words recently. That tells me that it’s overwritten. I wanted the whole thing to be 50k, and it’s looking more like 25k at this point. Sometimes this happens, especially when I’m too busy to write regularly.

This book won’t be out in 2022, but it will be out for 2023. Gonna get it done right. I did already get a publication out for this year (Sheriff Porter) so my streak remains alive. Next year if I have to write something short I have a project in mind. Onward and upward.

Anything Boys Can Do…

…boys can do better.

Okay so I met up with a couple of Internet bros last Saturday (sup guys) for lunch at a Thai place. Predictably we got to talking about books. One of the bros, who will go unnamed here, but who has a character named after him in Howling Wilderness, mentioned that he doesn’t read books by women any more.

People will have predictable responses to this and I frankly don’t care what they are. Literally everyone should read what they want and literally nobody should tell anyone else what they have to read or cannot read. In the meantime, make recommendations to each other.

That said, out of curiosity I perused my last several dozen books and realized almost all of them were written by dudes.

A couple of women snuck in there and I don’t know how, but I’ll do better, you guys. Must have Y chromosome to ride.

Lol, but seriously. I don’t care who wrote a book, I care that it’s good, it just turns out that guys generally do it better.

“But JK Rowling! Stephenie Meyer! They made money!”

Sure, fine, cool, good for them, I literally do not care.





If you think it’s good, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

Unless it’s super pedo or something, in which case, burn it with fire.


Like I need another hobby

I’m about to have a huge shop in my backyard, so I can finally start working on cars again like I did 20 years ago.

I’m gonna be tempted to take up new hobbies like Mister Boylei here, but I cannot do it. I have enough dreams that won’t come true, lol.

Anyway, this week he made a dragon. You should also check out the Wild West town he’s been building. All of his stuff is excellent.

Go Horse

Jeez, you fall off the horse one day, and suddenly it’s been three weeks since you posted.

I took WordPress off my phone because they rainbow’d the logo for June. Corporate endorsement in the Pr!de movement is cynical at best and I’m tired of it. Been tired of it for years. Whatever the cause, they don’t actually care about you, they care about your money. The second that brand becomes unprofitable they’ll sweep it under the rug.

That and WordPress kind of sucks. They don’t have integrated antimalware tech, you have to pay a ridiculous amount of extra money for it, and malware is what crashed Upstream a few months ago.

My site is due to renew in September, so I’m going to move over to Substack sometime around then. Just got a lot going on right now.

Anyway, I’ll pre-program a few posts for this week and maybe next week. They’ll be simple and short, and they’ll reward you cats for checking out the site. Talk to you soon.

Why Marvel Phase Five Will Suck

Quantumania is a sequel to the Ant-Man movies that will continue to milk a dry horse. My guess is it will take us down some road where Scott and Hope get to do a Science(TM) version of the multiverse so Disney can sell more toy variants of the same crap.

Secret Invasion is a huge confusing mess in the comics, and it’ll be simplified into something that gives YouTubers easy fodder for critique videos. At least those guys will cover their rent for the year.

Guardians Vol. 3 still has the appeal that the first movie earned it, so I’m not going to curse it outright. Gunn is back in the director’s chair, we’ll see what happens. I’ll give it a fair shot. The Guardians movies continue to be the best Star Wars movies Disney has made.

Echo. DOA. A deaf version of Daredevil that will probably not have a whole lot going on. Like Jessica Jones with more karate.

Loki 2. DOA. Didn’t even finish the first one.

The Marvels. Only thing I’m looking forward to here is dunking on the idiots who look at Captain Marvel’s box office returns as if they weren’t insanely propped up by Infinity War and Endgame.

Blade. Zero hope here, that saga ended in 2004 with Snipes. Disney can’t do this character right any more than they can do Deadpool. It’ll be too soft and clean and he’s not that character.

Ironheart. This story was dead in print before it even hit shelves, it’ll be deader than that on the screen.

Agatha. Bro. This was a dead meme five minutes after WandaVision ended.

Daredevil Born Again. No. They’ll never make it as good as it was when Netflix had it. This will make Cox and D’Onofrio regret signing on.

Blacktain America: Great Reset. Couldn’t just…make a Falcon movie, could ya

Thunderbolts. Because we want more Dancing Zemo, and we need him to lead his own Suicide Squad.

Are you tired yet?

I’m tired.

Cinema on Life Support

Took the wife to see Maverick last night, and it was awesome the second time–despite being stuck between a cussy meathead on my left, and a Latino couple on the right, the woman of whom had never seen Top Gun, and was asking her boyfriend in Spanish the whole time WTF was going on.

Anyway, I’ve griped about this before and I will yet gripe about it in the future. SDCC is going on this week so Disney is blasting out its ongoing comic book desecration project known as Marvel Phases Four Through Six.

Pretty much everything else coming out this year is a sequel or spinoff of something that was good before and is just tired now. Top Gun is of course a 1980s American staple, but it’s the rare exception that got a late sequel which didn’t suck. The Mission: Impossible movies are adding a two-part finale that starts next year, and I’ll probably see it because those movies are predictably exciting. But by the time that series wraps, it will have been in cinemas off and on for 28 years. 0_0

I’m not even wasting time on superhero movies on streaming services anymore. I could watch them for free in my car on the way to work and I still won’t do it. I’m just done. And that’s increasingly the case with movie theaters in general. It’s all too corporate, too calculated, too much of the same thing digested and discarded over and over again.

What’s some older stuff I should watch? Drop me some recs. Hopefully American cinema gets its act together.

RIP Teren Christensen

I’m gonna mention our late bro Teren on the Radcracker podcast today, but in case you wanted to donate to his memorial fund, here’s the link.

I really don’t care for GoFundMe, but that’s where it’s set up, so it is what it is. Teren was a great man and deserves to be mourned and remembered.

It looks like he hit his head, got a concussion, and the condition worsened from there. (See tweet.)

RIP, Handicap Hulk. See you down the road.